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CA trading import

1991, HONDA, NSX NA1 Red MT, Front

CA Trading Import is based in Melbourne and is the most authentic importer since 2018. We offer a wide range of superb Japanese import vehicles for car enthusiasts across Australia. Our customer service and ethical approach in handling Japanese import cars are reflected in our sales and return customers. 

At the time when Japanese import cars were still a new thing to the Aussie, we dare to say that there was not any proper importer in Melbourne that can answer the demands this niche market gives. Hence, we started CA Trading Import, to not just serve the Australians with their needs but also complete one’s dreams and plans. 

how it all began

2004 Mitsubishi, EVO 8 MR, Silver, Front Details 2

Years before a mate of ours imported his dream car, EVO 8 MR from the company which did not allow him to have access to any of the car’s details, including Live Car Auctions, auction sheet, and car’s history. The importer stated the car was in fine operating condition and rated as Grade 4. 

There were one too many things required to be done to his EVO 8 MR, which only made everything about the car more suspicious. We uncovered the history and details about his car via proper fact-checking with the auction sheets and data, found out it was a Grade R Evo 8 MR, and made-up history. 

The loss of time and money turned into our energy, we pledged to do our best to prevent this from ever happening to anyone across Melbourne and Australia. We felt we can do something for the car enthusiasts, for the Australian. We then took the big step and started up this business.

Ever since our inception, CA Trading Import imports numerous Japanese cars for Australians and makes their dreams come true. We push our passion and tireless dedication to excellence and integrity at the utmost level, only to serve the Australian and car enthusiasts.


1994, Toyota, Celica GT-Four, Rear End Details

With our international connection, we inspect and pick the best used Japanese cars in the Australian market from Japan, Hong Kong, and Britain. We host Japanese Live Car Auctions via our website for members to stay on track of their desirable cars and look for their next collectible. 

We handle all the steps of the import and export process in a transparent manner. Ensuring our customers and their cars are well looked after at all times.

from our clients

After searching for a while I found my dream car at CA Trading Import. Since then, I talked to Mr Angus and very happy with the arrangements and great customer services. The Beautiful MR arrived and I’m so pleased with the car condition. Highly recommend for whoever interested in JDM cars and so …..
Keep up the good work guys!

Nway Oo Yan

Assisted with the importing of my lancer Evolution, very helpful and prompt and always going above and beyond, Up to date information on the progress of the import process and compliance. Would definitely recommend if you’re looking at importing a JDM of any kind, thanks c.a trading import once again for a smooth process and a stress free one!

Adrian Muedini

Made me to be the first FD2 registered owner in Mel, clean, mint condition. Keep up the good works, I will be back to complete my honda collection.

Jack Gor

Bought my Evo5 four months ago, great service from the beginning until the car got registered. Angus and his team in japan did a awesome job, thanks again for all the effort.

Edwin Ho

Awesome, they done everything for me made it very easy for me. Would highly recommend. Honest people.

Berkem Tamöz

Awesome, they done everything for me made it very easy for me. Would highly recommend. Honest people.

Baba Ogun Uwamen