First-Time User Guide

Step by Step guide

Step 1:

Tap the Login button to sign up.

Step 2: 

Click Register to proceed to the next step.

Step 3 and 4: 

Fill up the details and select Register. Once your account has been successfully registered, you will receive a confirmation email from us.

Step 5:

Start searching with the manufacturer from our list.

Step 6:

Select the model you are interested in.

Step 7:

You can browse the entire list of all currently available vehicles, or you can narrow down the options with the filters we provide, such as make year and auction rating.

Step 8:

Tap the vehicle for more information.

Step 9

Place a bid that is above the starting price and hit Enter a bid or request info. In addition, you can drop us a note or any request about the vehicle too. Once we receive your bid or request, we will contact you shortly. 

Photos of the vehicle and the auction sheet with instructions below.