Our Japanese Live Car Auctions for Customers in & Across Victoria

As your most trusted Japanese car importer, we have adequately procured the best cars from Hong Kong, the UK, and other local auction houses, dealers, and more in Japan. We certainly can find the Japanese import car you have been looking for, hence all you need to do is to shoot us an email or make us a call, you are most welcome to come to visit our showroom as well! 

*FYI, we have to ask for a mandatory, yet refundable deposit from you.

And to achieve your 100% service satisfaction; we conduct live auctions on these car brands.

2004, Subaru, Impreza WRX STi Spec C WRC Limited, Front End

Strict Inspection​

We guarantee our customers that all our Japanese import cars undergo a comprehensive inspection by professionals to ensure they match our high standard,

Once the inspection is completed, our customer will have all the information he needs along with our professional advice. If the customer is satisfied with the result of the inspection, we then bid (or purchase) the vehicle on your behalf, at the same time staying true to the given budget. On winning the bet, the customer is required to pay the car’s cost along with the inspection fee (FOB charge).