2006 SUBARU WRX STi Spec C WR Limited

Another loud WRX STi Spec C has arrived and it is a bold statement yelling for a committed enthusiast to take her home. This rally beast packs ferocious power and dedicated suspension optimised for high-speed cornering. Yes, you read that perfectly, for high-speed cornering. With the rally-car fenders, and enormous rear wing, new underbody cover to enhance airflow and high-speed stability. Its heart, EJ20 is tuned with Active Valve Control System for a wider torque band, along with the upgraded steering, suspension and the Driver Controlled Centre Differential (DCCD) programming, this without is a street weapon. It is driver-centre designed to an extent that it has a close-at-hand shift knob for all the fast-shifting legends out there. Well placed metal pedals that facilitate easy heel-and-toe driving. By reading this, you are probably already fallen in love with the car. 

The Spec C edition has a substantial 90kg reduction in weight due to lighter glass, thinner roof construction and an aluminium boot. On the other side, it has a beefier McPherson strut suspension to maximise rigidity, larger brake discs, ball bearing turbochargers, a 12L tank for the intercooler, and a roof ventilator. More extremely, water can be sprayed on the intercooler to increase its efficiency during high-performance driving. 

The condition of this Spec C is excellent overall, referring to the close-up photos of the engine bay and body. With only 84,360km on the dial, and a few tasteful modifications, such as the Charge Speed Super GT Style front bumper, Ings+1 N-Spec side skirts, Varis rear bumper and diffuser and Kakimoto Racing exhaust, it is a Pikes Peak ready machine that you can own.

WRX STi Spec C WR Limited
Chassis is in Excellent Condition
Body is in Excellent Condition
6-Speed Manual

Charge Speed Super GT Style Front Bumper
Ings+1 N-Spec side skirts
Varis Rear Bumper
Varis Rear Diffuser
18” Gram Lights Rims

Kakimoto Racing Exhaust
Momo Drifting Steering Wheel
Sparco Sprint Bucket Seat
Aftermarket Water Temperature Gauge


Vehicle Spec C
Price $74,999
Kilometers 84,360 km
Colour Blue


Year 2005
Model WRX
Vehicle Spec C