2014 AUDI R8 V8 QUATTRO White

The Audi R8, the car that won the Nürburgring 24H and Daytona 24H, the one true Porsche 911 Rival, has landed in our shop. This Audi R8 shares the same platform as the Lamborghini Gallardo, it is a supercar that offers exotic performance, but also incredible daily drivability. Its tremendous suspension system allows you to harden and soften damping depending on your preference. Even 8 years later, it still looks sharp and new. Well, it would not be an Audi without a striking LED light design right. Full led lighting for the car, front side and rear, with everyone’s favourite dynamic rear indicator that the US market dies for, which is only available to the European ver. With the 4.2L V8 at the rear, pumping 430hp, it is one of the most desirable supercars for lots. Circle exhaust finishers and an aggressive rear diffuser bring out the true face of the R8. The 2014 R8 comes with the updated 7-speed automatic gearbox, and the new S-Tronic dual-clutch transmission, meaning it has replaced the old single-clutch transmission and the unwanted jerky driving experience. It is lightning speed and it can read your mind, and put you into the right shift with seamless gear changes. Let’s not only talk about performance for a second, its optional interior design is a work of art, quite literally. The black diamond quilted stitched Nappa leather, that the same pattern can be found along the seats and doors are simply marvellous. Providing you with the luxurious comfort you deserve. All in all, this white Audi V8 Quattro has only done 61,394km, with its exterior and interior kept in excellent condition. It is valued at a $200,000 driveaway. Now, would you mind me going for another test drive?

R8 V8 Quattro
7-Speed Automatic S-Tronic DSG
Ibis White
Diamond-Quilted Stitched Alcantara


Vehicle Coupe
Price $199,900
Kilometers 61,394 km
Colour White


Year 2014
Model R8
Vehicle Coupe